Amazon Will Let Customers Pay With Their Hands!

It seems hard to imagine that the first iPhone was only released in 2007. Today’s technological advances are primed to change the way that we shop, live and do business in the same way as smartphones did when they first came onto the scene.

Amazon is already well-known for changing the game, and it has now announced that it will be rolling out palm recognition technology; Amazon One – for payments. Shoppers using the system will be able to use their unique palmprint in order to pay at the till, as a handy alternative to using cash or a card – or also to submit loyalty card details at the till scanner.

This technology could be rolled out further for customers who need to scan for sports events, concerts and even for work, making it easier for businesses to manage entry procedures. It’s a fascinating development for businesses and customers alike and it’s interesting to note that the technology isn’t being patented. This means that other similar palm recognition software packages are likely to follow based on the principle of biometrics, using facial recognition and eye scans as well as palm scans.

For small businesses, if technologies such as bitcoin and Apple Pay seem a bit ahead of the curve, now is a good time to get up to speed with the ways in which the payment space is changing, as the pace of evolution is dramatic.

Other key things to know in the tech world include a function for Instagram messaging from Facebook, so that users can chat across app with Messenger – something important to know if you use these platforms to market or engage with customers. And in the US, there is a proposal that paying fees for ransomware should be made illegal, which will have very interesting implications for the rest of the world if it does come to pass.

Investing in your small business

Now is certainly a good time to be investing in your business’s customer-facing technology, particularly as the trend for e-commerce looks as though it will only grow in the face of persistent Covid restrictions.

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Amazon Will Let Customers Pay With Their Hands!

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Amazon Will Let Customers Pay With Their Hands!

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Amazon Will Let Customers Pay With Their Hands!

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