Business ownership is often a dream goal for parents, with the benefits of being a parentpreneur potentially excellent in terms of work and family life balance. Not only do you get the satisfaction of running your own business and making your own living but also you can do so whilst setting your own terms and prioritising your family. The flexibility is a huge draw and parent-owned businesses can be extremely successful, creating the financial security for your business that may be lacking in some employed roles – particularly in more uncertain industries that experience a high degree of flux.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, digital business also means it is easier than ever to find your niche market and to get up and running quickly and efficiently. There is also a wealth of inspiration out there, with parentpreneur networking groups and online forums available to provide ideas, share knowledge, and help build your vital network of contacts. Not ready to start a full-time business and leave your job just yet? Do what other entrepreneurs do and build up your idea as a part-time venture in your free time. You will have a chance to prove the business’s viability and have confidence in your decision before you make the leap!

If you are looking to become a parentpreneur and have a budding idea, a business course can be a good way to take your concept to reality, teaching you essential skills along the way such as business planning, marketing and distribution. If your parentpreneur business is already up and running, you will probably find that you need to invest for growth and opportunity quite quickly.

Typical investment areas include new stock, a new website, new branding, a marketing campaign, and even physical premises. Software licences, packaging, insurance, rates, staffing and training – the costs of growing a small business add up and it is not always a given that there is a healthy cash reserve waiting to dip into!

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