Research from McKinsey & Company reveals that subscription boxes are big news; in fact, 15 per cent of online buyers have bought one or more subscriptions for a regular box of some kind, with monthly delivery tending to be the most popular frequency.

Within the past five years the market for subscription boxes has grown by over 100 per cent annually. The biggest retailers are now generating big money, with sales worth over $2.6bn (£1.85bn) in 2016, compared with $57m just five years earlier. The typical subscriber is likely to be aged between 25-44, have an income of between £40k and £80k, and live in an urban environment. Popular subscription box products include specialist food, makeup and toiletries, and flowers.

The opportunities for entrepreneurs are excellent. Already there are a number of niche online subscription boxes that are enjoying real success amongst their target markets, selling everything from razors through to protein bars on subscription. The market looks set to grow as awareness and interest in these boxes increases, along with a growing consumer desire for greater convenience.

Investing for growth

Subscription box companies have a range of costs attached, even if the company is relatively small or at an early stage of its growth. Delivery, packaging, warehousing, stock control, staff, systems and physical premises all add up. Marketing campaigns also cost money and require investment, but smaller and growing businesses may not have access to large cash reserves that give them the liquidity they need to withdraw capital without affecting the risk profile of the business.

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