The latest figures from the ONS reveal that household spending has grown by just 1.7 per cent in the past year, which is the weakest rate recorded by official sources since 2011. The main driver is believed to be falling pay in real terms, which has now begun to bite on household finances.

Workers are also still concerned about the prospect of Brexit and what this may mean for their jobs. Employers have put the brakes on investment and some have paused recruitment pending clarification from the government on the detail of the Brexit plan and the implications for businesses.

At the same time, the stock market has been jittery since December’s record highs, with investors responding to a wave of weak global market data and political tensions. Households may also be waking up to concerns that Brits have become a nation of borrowers, with savings at an all-time low and personal debt levels rising. Many believe that interest rates will start to rise this year, meaning that debt will become more expensive to service.

The high street has felt the impact of relatively slow-growing spending; however, with deep-discounting now in evidence at various sale periods of the year, there is hope for businesses. Firstly, it is important to remember that the figures from the ONS show growth rather than a reduction in spending; secondly, many niche businesses in particular are doing extremely well, especially where they offer well-researched, valued products and services that customers can buy easily and with superb service.

Online e-commerce retailers with specialist offerings are enjoying excellent sales and working hard to differentiate themselves with superb customer service, smart branding, and a real emphasis on customer experience. Businesses that can respond to customers’ demands for a more meaningful buyer experience with the highest standards of service can enjoy loyalty and custom, often with referrals from happy customers to friends and relatives via their own network.

Businesses with a desire to do things differently and in a service-oriented way can still build highly-profitable, successful businesses, even in challenging climates. Investing in online assets such as a great website, app, online marketing and digital business tools helps enterprises to offer seamless service and to operate their business efficiently without excess costs.

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