With the UK having experienced several rounds of extreme weather, business people are thinking more seriously about how they can safeguard their operation when storms kick in. Snow has been falling heavily across the country and freezing temperatures have made it hard for commuters to get to their jobs.

The first thing businesses should do is to create an emergency plan that details how employees will be communicated with if the office has to close due to stormy or extreme weather. Your employees should ideally be informed before they begin travelling to work and should know not to travel if there are warnings in place. Look at contingency plans to help people work from home when the weather is extreme – can they access your systems and software via cloud applications and digital devices, for example?

Also consider the practicalities. Do you have sufficient business insurance in place to cover your business premises and assets? Many small businesses do not know how much insurance they have in place; however, a failure to be up to date with insurance or fully insured can be extremely costly indeed.

Look at your premises and see whether any adjustments need to be made to accommodate severe weather. Do you have double glazing, insulation and other measures to keep your offices warm and safe? Is the temperature in line with health and safety requirements? Are stairs and walkways gritted and free from ice? Carry out a thorough walkthrough of your workplace and all access routes to ensure that your visitors and workers will be safe and free from harm.

If your business needs investment to be more resilient against extreme weather, we are here to help. You might need business loans to buy new laptops or digital devices that can link up to your system via the cloud. You might need to invest in ‘green’ efficiency measures to keep your premises free from ice and cold, or you might need to migrate to the cloud so that your digital assets are safe from physical danger such as flooding.

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