Survey Shows Financial Concerns Amongst Vets Amid Coronavirus

In a recent survey, the SPVS-VMG COVID-19 survey, has highlighted some of the growing financial concerns that are currently being held by veterinary business owners and employees alike. These are all concerns which most of us share.

Primary amongst them was that of human health, with employers and employees obviously being keen to retain everyone’s best possible health in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, with respondents concerned that social distancing for veterinary staff was sufficient in the workplace.

There were also concerns about sustainability and profitability in the coming months and years, as well as the issues around personal welfare. In particular, business owners expressed concern about income and job security, as did many of the employees too.

Overall capacity in many businesses looks likely to continue dropping, with social distancing measures probably not being lifted any time soon, at least not fully. This will mean that sales and income are likely to drop in the coming months and year ahead. Most owners are saying that they will need to focus on workflows going forward, to ensure the most secure business possible and to keep income as tight as they can.

Those hoping to increase and sustain their profitability are likely going to have to consider their options looking forward, as the virus may get through a second spike, causing further of the same issues.

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