Small businesses are feeling positive, research shows

Positive new research reveals that businesses are feeling optimistic about their prospects once again.

The Telegraph used its Business Tracker to analyse the tweets from 25,000 business people and firms during a 30-day period in February and March.

Using software to analyse 40,000 tweets, Impact Social compiled the tracker findings to reveal that small companies had a strongly buoyant mood, with just four per cent being negative in nature.

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When the 75 per cent of neutral messages were removed from the analysis – those containing facts, offers or non-sentiment – 84 per cent of the small business chat during the period was optimistic in nature.

The Telegraph carries out its business tracker regularly, with every tracker compiled this year found to be positive. The latest set was boosted by International Women’s Day, which saw a 1,140 per cent increase in tweets that celebrated or supported women in business.

Small firms are embracing flexible working and cultures that encourage female talent to thrive, with part-time director positions and flexible working hours something that SMEs can offer with ease. 17 per cent of tweets also said they felt positive about the new government policies in this area. One area getting particular praise was the £80m put aside by the government to assist new businesses to hire apprentices. Philip Hammond’s commitment to remove late payment problems that continue to hound small businesses, according to the FSB, was also well received.

Small businesses still have fears, however. Ongoing uncertainty around Brexit remains the number one concern, with 36 per cent of negative tweets referencing the issue. Other grumbles related to business rates, with 21 per cent saying that the system needed to be reformed. The majority of these came from restaurants, which are particularly impacted by rising rates; in fact, a number of big-name restaurant chains were forced to close sites because of their jump in costs.

Investing for growth

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Small Businesses Feeling Positive

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Small Businesses Feeling Positive

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There are various benefits to taking out a specialist business loan. For example:

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Refurbishment of trading premises

Small Businesses Feeling Positive

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