Business Loans Update April 2021

William Jones from Century Business Finance revisits the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) & Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS), including what they were and how they helped businesses through a tough period, which ended on March 31st. He also discusses The Recovery Loan Scheme in more depth and other funding options available to companies [...]

Budget Update March 2021

In this episode, William Jones from Century Business Finance covers what the new Recovery Loan Scheme is and what this means for businesses going forward, as announced during the March 2021 budget. This includes: How this differs from the CBILS & Bounce Back Loans How Century Business Finance can help Listen now to find out [...]

Lockdown 3.0 January Update

Lockdown 3.0 Update January 2021 We promised you an update for 2021, as we adapt to yet another national lockdown. With much of the country isolating and homeschooling well and truly underway, we want to reassure businesses that we are still available to help you with various services. Any Changes to Government Schemes? There's not [...]

2nd Lockdown Lending Options Part 2

Lockdown 2.0 Update December 2020 We promised you an update before everything starts to reopen after lockdown 2.0 and the tier system is reintroduced. In what has already been an extremely tough year, we want to reassure businesses that we are readily available to help you with various services. Government Loans There are government loans [...]

What Types of Business Finance Can I Access?

In these difficult times, many businesses are looking carefully at their financing options. Whether that's to stay afloat, or to reposition, relaunch and to grow, finance is essential for success. But what types of funding are there? Here are some of the main types to understand: Equity finance This can be offered by large companies [...]

Companies Which Have Enjoyed Success in Lockdown

There's no doubt that a shocking number of businesses have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 lockdowns - and many will simply never recover. But even amidst the stress and worry that business owners are facing as they attempt to look to the future, some entrepreneurs are finding that success can still be found - [...]

2nd Lockdown Lending Options

Lockdown 2.0 Update November 2020 Furlough Scheme It’s fantastic that the furlough scheme is fantastic being kept on until 31st March 2021. There could have been a lot of businesses in trouble in regards to keeping and retaining staff if that hadn't been extended. Bounce Back Loans There is a possibility now that an existing [...]

Why some businesses are struggling to access bounce back loans?

Businesses which have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic have reported challenges in accessing the government's bounce back loans. Bounce back loans were made available to small businesses by the Chancellor, so that affected businesses could borrow sums of up to £50,000 over a nine-year period, and at preferential rates. Each loan was 100% [...]

Amazon Will Let Customers Pay With Their Hands!

It seems hard to imagine that the first iPhone was only released in 2007. Today's technological advances are primed to change the way that we shop, live and do business in the same way as smartphones did when they first came onto the scene. Amazon is already well-known for changing the game, and it has [...]