The recent swathe of storms from the east has caused the price of gas to rocket. A prolonged and particularly cold winter has seen the demand for gas rise to its highest levels in more than six years as homeowners and businesses seek to tackle the icy-cold temperatures. With the most recent wintry storm hitting in mid-March, analysts expect demand to soar to levels not seen since 2012.

This rising demand has already seen prices on the market rise by more than 30 per cent to the highest levels on record since early 2013. Just before Christmas, the energy market was shaken by a series of disruptions to the gas supply that saw prices escalate to four-year highs at 70p per therm; however, early analysis from the market information provider ICIS suggests that the recent ‘Beast from the East’ has lifted prices again to more than 91p/th.

Electricity markets have also felt the impact, with prices jumping to £62.5MWh from a typical average of £51.45MWh. The news is likely to spark fears of pressure on household bills and potential damage to the competitive position of smaller energy providers.

Energy traders have raced to buy sufficient gas to meet domestic heating needs after the UK’s biggest gas storage plant closed last year. Gas is now being drawn from LNG tanker import terminals at locations such as the Isle of Grain and Dragon LNG at Milford Haven; however, if these reserves are depleted, the UK’s homes will need to be heated by Russian imports.

Small businesses are looking at ways to make their offices more energy efficient when the weather turns bad. By installing measures such as energy-efficient windows and better insulation, heating bills can be reduced and staff and premises protected when the weather turns bad.

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