To perform to your best during an interview, it definitely helps to be dressed in a way that is both appropriate and comfortable. Although every industry will have different ‘rules’ when it comes to dress and appearance, there are general guidelines that should be adhered to by everyone for success.

1. Always go smart

Even if the team you are hoping to work with tends to dress down in jeans and T-shirts, it is important to attend an interview in the usual suit, or at least a shirt and tie for men, or equivalent smart business dress for women. Go smarter than you suspect you need to and you will impress for having made the effort.

2. Go for comfort

Although you need to focus on having a smart appearance, it is also essential to be comfortable. Wear natural fabrics that allow you to ‘breathe’ when the temperature rises! Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or restrictive. This also applies to shoes, especially for women who are wearing heels. Opt for comfortable shoes that you can walk in without getting a blister! When you are in your interview, you need to be able to focus on the conversation – not the fact that you are feeling hemmed in by your clothes!

3. Pay attention to detail

Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed and that your shoes are shiny. Don’t smoke beforehand or chew gum in the interview. Avoid loud prints, loud colours and high-fashion items; instead, stick to neutral and classic for most industries. Check your appearance in the mirror before you go in.

4. Prepare

Make sure you have your outfit ready the day before your interview and put it on for a trial run so that you can spot any problems beforehand. This will prevent last minutes panics on the day and help you to stay calm and relaxed!

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