We all dream about having that perfect job – one that we actually want to go to in the morning! If your current role is not ticking all the boxes for you, have you ever thought of converting your hobby into your career?

The opportunities to do so are now more comprehensive than ever, thanks primarily to the rise of the internet. Digital delivery may give you the chance to do your job entirely online, or at least reach target markets and promote yourself in a more effective way. You will also find plenty of online sources for training and advice. The scope for building a profitable business in an identified niche and to gain real job satisfaction is excellent. More and more people are turning to entrepreneurship as a means of reaching their goals and enjoying a better work-life balance in the process.

How do you start? Get your idea in place, research the market, and understand the scale of your opportunity. Read books about converting your passion into a paying job. Join online support forums and find a local business training group. Start to create a business plan, identifying your skillset, the market opportunity, your marketing plan (including pricing), your delivery model and so forth. Remember that you don’t need to leave your current job and can build up a side-business as a small ‘gig’ or hobby job to start with, growing it as demand grows.

Don’t forget finance either. Most small businesses will need a source of finance to get their operation off the ground and it is unusual to have sufficient cash to self-fund from the start. Century Business Finance offers loans for all businesses purposes, whether you need to buy new software or stock, take a training course, launch a website, or develop a product.

We only lend to businesses and our friendly team is here to help. With years of experience and thousands of happy customers, we are a trusted finance partner to entrepreneurs and businesses in all stages of their development journey.

Borrow from £25k to £500k unsecured for any business purpose at rates that start from just 4.8 per cent. Loan terms are six months to five years, with fixed monthly payments to help you plan. There are no upfront costs or hidden fees, including no early repayment fees, so you can enjoy real flexibility.

We also offer secured asset finance from £20k to £1m, which is tax deductible for a tax-efficient way to finance your business.

The loan application process is extremely quick and easy. Simply complete a short form online in five minutes and we will use this to make a lending decision within a few hours. We accept nine out of ten customer applications and the funds can be in your bank account the following day! There are no meetings or complex paper requirements and our friendly team of advisors is always here to help if you need to ask questions or discuss your situation.

Just pick up the phone and give us a call or complete the online application form for an instant decision on your business loan. We are open for business, ready to lend, and accept nine out of ten business loan applications!