A highly-performing team is the holy grail of any business; however, it is also hard to achieve and relies on the skills and strategies of effective leaders to be a success. Here are some tips for getting it right.

Start with the basics

Do your team members know why they are in place? Communicate the corporate vision, mission and values clearly to your employees and make sure you share local plans and objectives clearly so that everyone knows why they are there, what they are expected to do, and how they are expected to do it. This may seem like an obvious starting point; however, many companies fail to clarify the basics and the result is poor productivity and low morale amongst the workforce.

Invest in great leadership

Good leaders are usually made, which means investing in quality training for all people managers. Send your staff for regular training and host internal workshops and other learning opportunities, including mentoring, coaching and cross-group working, so that managers have opportunities to develop their skills.

Focus on continuous improvement

The continuous improvement approach helps businesses to keep productivity at the heart of everything they do. Rather than trying to do everything right at the start, focus on incremental and a constant array of improvements and developments to boost productivity, morale, and bottom-line results.

Empower your people

Give your employees the tools, resources and support they need to do their roles well and to implement new ideas. Give individuals time and space to flesh out emerging thoughts and encourage them in their endeavours. This extra space will be rewarded by consistent creativity and fresh thinking.

Give positive feedback

Motivate your teams by praising and recognising their productivity and efforts. Bring them together with social opportunities and look for chances to celebrate success. This will help teams to bond and perform better than ever.

Be consistent

All initiatives must be consistent within a business to become embedded and truly succeed. Show that you are committed to the concept of productivity in the longer term by keeping the topic visible across the organisation and regularly on the corporate agenda. Make sure that the human angle remains key. Values help employees to understand how the correct behaviours must be used in the search for productivity so that people are respected and supported.

Investing for productivity

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